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Friday, March 4, 2011

Express Yourself!

Hello, Music fans!

Art + Music + Little Kids = BIG FUN  

This Spring, HARMONIZE: Rock, Play, Groove is teaming up with StudioKidsArt to make Friday mornings a jammin' good time!

"Make & Shake," the newest offering from Suzanne O'Connor of @The Art Studio and Alisa Harmon of HARMONIZE:Rock, Play Groove is a hybrid class - art and music.  The first half-hour will be spent making a rhythm instrument, and the second half-hour will be spent using that instrument in a fun music class!

The music in this class with be from the hip 'n happenin' phenomenon known as Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals!

Come, join, create, groove, enjoy the magic of Springtime!

New Location for HARMONIZE in Cranford!


HARMONIZE: Rock, Play, Groove will be venturing out, embracing a platform that has been offered by other Music for Aardvarks licensees for years.

We are offering a new way to enjoy music with your children, and we are calling it "Play Date Jam" and "Family Jam!"

Jams will be held at a great location in Cranford: Little Scoops on North Avenue.  This ice cream parlor, franchised by Susan Chin, has a great party room where she offers lots of classes and activities.  We're so happy to have been asked to bring M U S I C to the Little Scoops line-up!  Yay!

This party room is so much fun!  It's bright and kid-friendly, and there is even a disco ball on the ceiling!  Our first jam was such a success (more than 40 families) that we just had to climb back on board the Union County bandwagon with Little Scoops!  We're so freakin' excited!

Please note: these jams will feature all genres of music - rock, blues, reggae, ska, jazz, pop, etc., including world music from around the globe.  These play date jams will NOT feature Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals.

HARMONIZE: Rock, Play, Groove is licensed for Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals in Montclair - just a short trip on the Parkway from Cranford!  In the past, we've had folks travel to Montclair from all over Union & Morris counties for our MfA classes; so, if it's MfA you want, we can certainly deliver!

Whether in Montclair for MfA or in Cranford for Jams, HARMONIZE inspires kids and their grown-ups to rock, play, and groove!  :) Woo hoo!