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Friday, November 9, 2012

HARMONIZE, my small business venture, my labor of love for the last decade, has sung its final lullaby.

We held our last class today. Ten years. 3,704 children. Hundreds of classes. Thousands of songs. Millions of smiles.

We've facilitated a myriad of friendships, and we have one marriage to our credit! Two boys who were in my first class in January, 2002 are in juniors in high school
this year.

It's been a wild, yet sweet, ride. God has blessed me to have shared ten years of happy mornings with the purity of little children.

Heartfelt thanks to Tanner Carlock, Zoe Jade, Eva Tess, Dea Viola, Kerry Jean Narewski, and Rickman for their talent, energy, support, and love. But, mostly, I thank the families of my sweet little angels, who made this endeavor one of joy.

The sun has said goodnight
The stars are all in bloom
And streams of pale moonlight
Come dancing in your room

So close your tired eyes

And drift off to your dreams
With soft, sweet lullabies,
A kiss, and pale moonbeams.

Much love to you all,

Alisa ♥